New RN, New Job- How to Quit Being SO Nervous!

  1. I was talking to a non-nurse friend today about how my training is going & she teased me saying every converstation we have I say something about how nervous I always am!

    I'm on week 6/12 for my training in an ICU, and half the time I either feel like "Woah I cant believe I work here & I'm actually doing a good job!!" & the other half of the time I feel "Oh man, oh man dont mess up!!!"

    I have two preceptors- one... one I think this may be their first time in a leadership role & its getting to their head & they backhand compliment me all the time- even so far as blame me for missing something during the shift- when they are supposed to be training me & I've never even heard of doing what it is that we missed! So I think its stressful being with this one... I just try to go along with her friendly mind games, knowing in a few weeks I wont be trained by them & I DO value their knowledge and support.. just not the drama.. & with this one I am most nervous..

    The other nurse preceptor I have is AMAZING- SO laid back, tells me I'm doing amazing, gives me confident boosts ALL the time- But occasionally I have this thing about teasing myself if I'm unsure of something or nervous about something, and she thinks thats really weird...

    & oh my, though I work at the most team-oriented amazing floor that exists (in my opinion ) I do have continual butterflies in the tummy thinking about the day that I'm on my own- THAT is nervewracking!!

    The thing is, I have a pretty awesome orientation process in general- and I dont want the nerves of trying to be perfect, or thinking about when I'm on my own, to ruin my days off! How do I get over this?? How do I get some confidence, which is the one thing my preceptors say I'm lacking??
    Thanks everyone
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  3. by   slave_diverRN
    Confidence comes with experience.

    I heard this little ditty once:
    Son: Dad, how did you become such a successful businessman?
    Dad: Good decisions
    Son: HOw did you learn to make good decisions
    Dad: Bad decisions
  4. by   DaughteroftheKing
    Ah, very nice Thank you!
  5. by   MovinEast
    Hey, I started in January 2011 on a cardiac floor and have only recently found myself a bit calmer and more confident....I think that for a long time I was SO nervous that I'd miss something or do something wrong. But now that i'm not as focused on myself I frequently see other experienced nurses missing things/ forgetting to do things. I'm not saying that they aren't working hard or that they are putting lives at risk, it's just that there's so much to do that missing the smaller things once in a while is okay. I guess it makes me feel better to think that I'm not competing with perfection lol

    The best thing for me is asking questions everyday. I talk to different nurses from my floor, floating nurses, nurses aides, and travelers. I even learn from patients too! I learn new little tricks everyday.

    Confidence comes with experience. I'm 8 months in and still working on it!!
  6. by   s2udeus
    I agree, "confidence does come with experience".
  7. by   ICU-RN<3
    Dear DaughteroftheKing, I feel EXACTLY the same way! I am a new grad on week 7/12 of orientation in an ICU... It is so stressful but exciting at the same time. I still feel like I could never handle a full load of patients (2 - 3)! Other nurses told me that it will take at least 6 months to feel more comfortable, so don't lose hope. Also, I heard that the learning curve is very slow at first for new grads, but then it increases dramatically
  8. by   DaughteroftheKing
    You all make me feel much better!! I'm going to try to get my mind off of myself & put 100% to learning!