New RN graduate in the job hunt, will Dermatology RN hurt my future?

  1. 0 Hello everyone, I am a newly licensed RN in the state of Ohio, and like many others who just passed the nclex, I am looking for a position as an RN. The job hunt is coming along, I have many applications out ranging from CCU to ICU, and some Med-Surge, mainly hospital jobs. No responses yet, because I feel most of those critical care units prefer someone with more experience.

    Now my question, a recent post came up in the location I want to work in for a Dermatology RN. It is not was I expected to potentially work as when I was in nursing school, but a job is a job at this point. I hear from more experienced people to just get my feet in the water and oppurtunities will come with time. As a physician office RN, I know the role and skills are similar and the scope of practice is the same, but less critical and much more specialized. Does this effect my future applying for other jobs to the point where I should consider not going for it? I would like to work in OR or a cardiac unit eventually, just looking for that first job right now, but I'd prefer not burn bridges behind me. Thank you in advance for your advice.
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    Where in Ohio are you located at?
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    Quote from ILOVEnrsg2
    Where in Ohio are you located at?
    Close to Central Ohio
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    Did you end up getting the job at the Dermatology clinic? I'm starting a job soon in dermatology.

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