New RN: advice on switching from nights to days?

  1. Hello fellow nurses!

    I'm an RN on a very busy ortho unit; I've only been off orientation for 2 months. It has been overwhelming at times but I've definitely learned a lot and am so much better at time management than when I first started. I work 7p-7a three times/week. I'm glad I started on nights because there is less chaos and the other nurses are there to help if I need it. But I am definitely a morning days off are not always so fun because I can't flip like some people can and a lot of times I feel too tired to do anything other than just lay on the couch all day (or I should say night)! I like working nights, but I don't like my schedule on my days off. I would be happier and more alert if I had more of a day shift schedule. Anyways, I was just wondering when y'all thought it would be good for a new RN to switch from nights to days on a really busy floor? Six months? Nine? A whole year? Please let me know your experience/thoughts with this. I want to switch asap but I know the day nurses are pretty much on their own because of all that goes on, so I don't want to switch then be so lost because other nurses don't have the time to help me out here and there. I would like to be on the same floor for my whole first year, but I'm thinking if I can get a job on days on a more slow paced floor I might take it. Help if you can! Thanks.
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    I have been independent for three months now and just made the switch to days. I had one awesome confidence building day and two days that were pretty much me getting my hind end handed to me on a plate. Days are much more chaotic. I don't regret the switch, but the learning curve is definitely steep. However, I am not sure waiting longer would have changed that at all. A lot of the difficulties just have to do with the difference in activities between days and nights.
  4. by   pinknblue82
    I went back to days three months after new grad orientation and was successful. My friend at work was also a new grad and went straight to days. We are both still at the same job 2+ years later. I would recommend staying familiar with the schedule, pace, and day staff by covering a day shift or part of one if there are any you are available for. That way you'll know more about what you're really getting into before you make any changes. It's really different at first but I think a good career move overall. Good luck!
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    Yeah, that makes sense. That was helpful, thank you!
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    I don't think there are many open day shifts right now, but that's a good idea. Thanks!