New Nurse's Essential Supplies

  1. Hi!

    I'm a(n old) new grad RN! Got my license in August 2011. Finally got a job offer and will start orientation on a step-down/tele unit at LA County this coming Monday. I just wanted to find out what supplies do you think a new nurse on the floor should absolutely have to be well-prepared for what may come our way on the first day on the floor (obviously besides steth, shoes, scissors, and scrubs).

    Any advice is welcomed!

    Nurse Lily
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  3. by   Joy06
    When you get there find the supply room and stuff your pockets with alcohol pads, flushes and tape. For some reason these things are never accesible to me right when I need them, even though I feel like I am constantly stuffing my pockets with them. LOL. Eat a good breakfast, and stash a mid morning snack in your locker too. Good luck :O) Oh and good shoes!!! Must have good shoes!
  4. by   coughdrop.2.go
    Look up NurseProPack! It's awesome! I wore it for all my clinicals and it's perfect for holding all your stuff after you raid the supply closet like Joy06 said! It comes in all colors and a tape loop. I have the Med size because the Nurse one is too big. Also, look up the Ultimate Nursing Bag. it's pretty handy as well. Good luck!