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  1. On Oct 1th I got my first job as nurse in a Community Health center in Boston. I was excited, but my excitment did not last long, 3 wks later (Oct 22th) I got fired because according to them I did not have any basic skills on nursing. The pediatric clinic new I was a new grad, but they took me any way. I was crushed and I was feeling like a failure! The next day I went looking for a new Job, printed out my resume, and out I went. Everyday since that awful dayI went to a nursing home, and filled out application, gave my resume. Nov 6th I started my new job in a nursing home. I was so scared that I would go through the same thing I went through my first job, but now I realized that the problem wasn't me but the simple fact that they did not take the time to train me and expected me to know everything. The last 2 weeks I,ve learned so much and I am so happy to have found a place that are new grad friendly. Please share your experience!!!:spin:
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  3. by   NJNursing
    Congrats on finding a new place that you feel more comfortable at. Sometimes it's just a change of atmosphere that does a person good.

    I was booted out of my maternity internship for what they said was 'lack of initiative' and and 'attitude problem'. I never refused to do anything. I never had a terse word with anyone. They said I had great clinical skills and was the first of the 5 interns to start labor and delivery and that was even over one who had done an externship there the previous year! I think it was more I didn't fit their 'pretty pretty princess' stereotype and didn't kiss the directors butt like everyone else did.

    I transferred to ortho-neuro and not quite a year later I was promoted to clinical coordinator. It was the best thing I ever did.
  4. by   nurseontheway
    I have always struggled with the butt kissing issue. I just can't force myself to do it. I am a hard worker and I feel that if the company can't notice me for that alone then I don't have anything else to give. I am glad that things worked out for the both of you!
  5. by   shellsgogreen
    i had a similar thing happen to me - i worked in a clinic as their only rn , and i was a new grad. they assumed i would know how to do everything, and got frustrated w/ me when i didn't know how to do something. i left on my own, and now work in a hospital, and they are constantly asking me to come back and help out in my spare
  6. by   mvs211
    I was very excited to have found a job in psychiatric nursing over the summer. I worked at one hospital for three months and thought I would make it through the 4 month probation period. I even got a satisfactory evaluation on a Monday, but then that Friday I was asked to leave because I didn't meet "hospital standards". I was working with only the ANCC and she didn't like me. It is unfortunate that she was able to put me out of work. I was a good RN. I really feel now that nurses do eat their young. It was a horrible introduction into the field. There should be some recourse for RN's whose evaluations are positive during probation, but there is not.