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Hi everyone! I wasn't exactly sure where to post this but I just graduated with my BSN in april! I would love to start off with an internship to help me transition into the position of a full-time... Read More

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    LTC is a viable option for a new grad; however, I don’t know where these other nurses work but my experience with LTC nurses has been very different.I don’t know your education but I found a great number of the older LPN’s and ADN’s gave me a hard time because I have a BSN. They immiedeietly assumed I was there to “tell them how to do things”. Also, god forbid you find the doing something dangerous/stupid and try to point it out! I made enemies with a bunch of them because I (politely) pointed out that they should maybe wear gloves during a procedure. I got the “I have been doing this since we had to wash our gloves blah blah blah” speech.
    LTC also gives you 0 learning curve. I remember the first facility I worked at PRN gave me 3 days of training and then gave me almost 60 patients and 2 carts of meds with no support. I had a question about a procedure at 2am and no one would give me advice (first job as a nurse). I ended up having to call my mother (she used to run the facility). I moved from south Florida to Washington state and started at another facility that offered me a weeks training to orient me to all wings of the facility. The first day the nurse training me was on the second half of a double and had never worked the floor unit we were on. The second day the nurse to orient me called off so they just put me on the floor and told me to “wing it”.
    Now I do assisted living. All I do is quarterly assessments and supervise their RN delegation program. It is the easiest nursing job you will ever find. I am salaried but I only ever get stuck doing extra when state is looming. I get lunch on time everyday
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    Also note with LTC, it has become a meat grinder. For the first time in a great number of years they are getting a glut of RN’s coming to them looking for jobs and they are taking advantage of it. The will hire up all they can find, throw you on the floor with very little support and training and leave you to sink or swim. If you make it fine, if you don’t make it quickly you are gone. They don’t care about you, there are 20 more behind you.
    To be honest they are not all like this. The good ones usually aren’t. Ask yourself this question when you interview at a LTC facilility: Would I put my mother/father/husband/wife in here? IF the answer is no then don’t work there. Ask yourself that question again after your first week.
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    Hint: if you get offered an LTC job, be sure to look up its Medicare ratings and google the name of the place to see if there people discussing how good or bad it is. You can find the Medicare ratings here:

    And this link helps explain how to understand the ratings:

    You may find the staffing ratings very interesting! But there are other quality measures as well.

    I used that site when I got a bad feeling about a sub-acute facility that offered me a job. The Medicare ratings confirmed my bad feelings and I turned the job down.
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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate your responses ! I have an NCLEX date- for June 25th! I hope more options open up once I have passed, and I am just trying to stay positive and hope that I will find the right job for me!
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    Wow, you sound so much like me! I too am easily overwhelmed, do not feel like I'm fast on my feet or good at critical thinking. I'm curious where you finally ended up working and how you are doing OreoCookie3! Any advice for another nervous new grad?

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