New Grads - What are you doing while waiting for a job?

  1. 0 Hey New Grads,

    I just wanted to know what all the New Grads have been up to while applying for jobs. Im entering my 6 month mark of being out of school and still look for work. I just wanted to get some ideas about what some people are doing and what I can do too! I'm sure lots of New Grads have come up with some creative ways to stay busy during this unfortunate job market.

    Are you volunteering at a flu clinic, MD office, testing center...etc? Although I'm volunteering at a community clinic, I just wanted to see what other New Grad RNs are doing during this dry job market. How is everyone keeping busy? Is anyone working as a CNA, LVN, LPN? I don't know about other states or other areas, but in I have applied to some New Grad programs that require that you have NO paid RN experience or have never worked under the RN license. So I'm wondering if some New Grads are working despite that and working under their RN license.
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    I started volunteering at a nurse-managed community health clinic after graduation. It was great learning from with the NP and it kept me busy. I was there for about six months while looking for a job.
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    thanks for your input. even though it's been a bit discouraging, i'm trying to remain positive and productive.
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    I took a volunteer hospice class and became certified. As I received my first case my brother took ill and volunteer coordinator ended up being there for me and my family... I have been grieving and taking care of gathering his information for his estate, while looking for a job at the same time. It isn't easy, but there are not enough hours in a day. Some days their are too many hours in a day. I really would like to find a job soon since my unemployment has run out!!!! Good luck to all searching for a job.

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