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Today is my day off after working three days in a row. However, my eyes popped open at 0530 and would not close again. My brain immediately went into review mode. Shoot! I forgot to give that... Read More

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    I feel exactly the same way. I work nights on a med/surg trauma unit at a very busy teaching hospital and I am about a month into my orientation. The first three weeks I oriented on days, then had a week of nights, then have to cross train on another unit on days then once again go back to nights. I can't even keep track of my own schedule! When I get off my shift sometimes I don't even know how I feel. Exhausted, happy I made it through the night, nervous I missed something, depressed, tearful for no reason and anxious because after the tossing and turning throughout the day and lack of sleep I have to pick my chin up and do it all again. Everyone on my unit for the most part are really supportive and helpful, but it is so much stress as a new grad. I feel like all I do is chase my tail all day. Everyone keeps saying if you can make it on this floor you can make it anywhere and it will get easier. Usually I am very organized and great with time management, but one set back at the start of a shift seems to spiral out of control for the rest of the shift. I do like nursing and still feel like I made the right choice, but my goodness I can't wait to at least feel like I am half way comfortable in what I am doing!
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    I can not thank you enough for this article. I work on a very busy Surgical Unit, this is my 2nd week out of orientation. During my orientation I absolutely loved it, my preceptor kept telling me how well I am doing, I thought to myself ok this isn't so bad. Oh man was I wrong! I constantly worry that I will miss something. I am very fortunate to have an amazing team of nurses to work with, they are incredible asset and don't mind me asking questions. But the true worries begin when I get home, I get so anxious and go over every little thing, I get to the point I can't eat, I am starting to have trouble sleeping. Last night I woke up at 1.30am freaking out that I forgot to take tele monitor off my patient when I send him home. I went over my had 20 million times and finally realized he didn't have tele monitor on him in the first place. I had 2 days off and I am going back tomorrow for 3 day shift and I am terrified to no end. I pray it will get easier, I have always wanted to be a nurse ever since I can remember, now at almost 40years old I fulfilled my dream. I love taking care of my patients and love everything about nursing, I just hope I can get more confident and it will get easier with time.
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