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  1. I graduated April 2010 and just passed my NCLEX RN this October 2011. I'm searching for a new grad program. Do guys have any idea where I could apply? Hope someone could help me.
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  3. by   BennyRNCA
    Did you graduate April, 2010 or April, 2011? Hope you meant it was a typo and it's 2011.

    If 2010, you have gone past many of the CA new grad programs statue of applying within 12 months of your graduation date.

    Most of the new grad application dates have passed for this year for next year's cohorts in the first calendar quarter.

    When they do come up, you need to drop everything and do it fast as some of the hospitals close off the process early, due to the thousands of applicants.

    Congrats on passing the NCLEX recently. Best wishes to you!
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  4. by   Meriwhen
    The previous poster is right: if you graduated in 2010 you may not be eligible for some new grad programs. However, some programs will also consider you a new grad if you have less than 12-18 months' experience as a RN so that could save you.

    Check the websites of your local hospitals...and check daily because they will post announcements about new grad programs with little/no fanfare, and they will usually give you only a week or two to apply to them before they take the listing down.

    If you see one, apply. If you did graduate in 2010, apply anyway--let them be the ones to reject you. And they're really not kidding when they say the deadline is you need to take the application process seriously. Start getting your resume and references ready now so when you do see a new grad program you can jump on it.

    Best of luck.
  5. by   wafflesandpancakes
    @BennyRNCA it's not a typo it's really April 2010...

    You're right. It's really hard to search for some new grad program these days, especially in my case. Whenever I see an opening, it's either they only accept those who graduated less than a year or submission of applications are already over. I wish I knew about this before and didn't waste too much time preparing for my NCLEX. ugh..

    Thank you for your advice!
  6. by   wafflesandpancakes
    @meriwhen yep, i already prepared everything i need, the resume, references, etc. the only thing that's lacking is where i can submit those :/

    "murphy's law as it applies to nursing jobs: you will apply everywhere and hear nothing for weeks on end...but as soon as you accept a position at one place, the others will suddenly start calling you for interviews or offers.

    "you can never underestimate the desire some people have to be offended." - graham linehan
    i love the quote... thank you!