New grad orientation: what to expect

  1. I have finally received a job offer for my dream hospital as a new grad!! I start orientation on Nov 5 on a GYN-ONC floor but it is mainly used as a med-surg floor. I am nervous about orientation and don't want to screw anything up since it is the hospital of my dreams! Any advice? What should I expect for orientation from the classroom setting to the floor shifts with preceptors?? Will I be given medication tests and what can I expect to be on those? I'm nervous that I'll do poorly on an exam and they'll get rid of me since I've been out of school since May! What other tests can I expect? What can I expect that they will want me to complete on my skills tracker? Any advice would be great!
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  3. by   NurseMoi
    Hi Ashley 3H12. Congrats to you! I, too, was recently hired as a new grad and will begin Orientation on November 5th. I was given a lengthy Welcome Packet that details exactly what will be expected of me during the entire orientation process.

    We will have a Clinical Simulation with Sim men where we'll be evaluated on our assessment skills and medication administration & safety. We'll have a weeklong class room training with Nurse Educators where we'll receive training on many different topics (i.e. IV, phlebotomy, central lines, blood products, respiratory class, neuro class, cardiac class, EKG, etc.) A lot of preparation and modules to be completed prior to the start of Orientation too. We will be evaluated on our competency, performance, teamwork, initiative, etc.

    It seems pretty intense, especially after being out of nursing school for months. But I'm excited and just sooo grateful to have a J-O-B!

    My plan is to obviously Think Like a Nurse (after all, that's what they hired us to do and BE), Soak up new info like a Sponge, and Enjoy the Orientation process. Good luck to you!