New grad job dilemma - OR vs. PCU? Help!

  1. I'm a new grad RN about to begin my nursing career. Here's my dilemma...I've been offered a position in the OR as well as a position on a progressive care unit & I'm not sure which one I should accept

    Is the OR a good place for a new nurse to start out? I've heard that most nurses who start out in the OR typically stay there for the rest of their nursing careers because it is such a specialty area. I'm afraid that it would be difficult to transition into the role of a floor nurse after only working in the OR. Any advice from nurses who have had experience in the OR would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ruralgirl08
    If you are not sure, can you shadow both areas? If you are still not sure, I would suggest the PCU, you would get some very transferable skills there for any area of nursing, and you will have some time to decide what kind of nurse you want to be. You sound like you may have doubts about the OR. This is an area you either love or hate, it takes a lot of time to be comfortable in, and it is a huge investment for the hospital to train you.
    I think you may be misinformed about why OR nurses never leave the OR. The real secret is that most like their jobs, and would never want to work on the floor. Shadow, talk to other nurses, and see where you feel most comfortable. Good luck with your decision.