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Hello. I am a new graduate with my MSN (I completed my RN-MSN together out of state). I have six months of experience as an RN. But I am struggling...I have filled out over 150 applications, with... Read More

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    i was wondering where everyone was located? I am finishing up my final semester this coming fall, and I am in NYC, all my friends who graduated the in the last year found jobs, not right away but within the year. And now im worried that will there still be openings when i graduate? And, how come theres so many negative articles and post's about job placement, just curious where exactly in the US is hiring and where it's not? Hopefully, I'm in an area that is!

    Everyone should stay positive, i've learned that the only way people acknowledge your efforts, and skills is when you do them with confidence! An interview alone requires skills in communication, so confidence is key in landing any position your interviewing for!

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    Definitely send a thank you note. Why would you even consider NOT sending one? You want to make a positive impression -- and keep that positive impression in their minds as they make their hiring decision. You want to stand out as being great, not fade away into the woodwork.
    Thank you for your comment. I don't know why I hesitated in the first place! I have since sent out thank you letters to the two who interviewed (same job.) My current job i a madhouse! We had a mock survey that they just had to stop because it was so bad. My interview was tuesday then we had a staff meeting on wednes to address all the stuff from the survey. My mind is just on a million things, but the thank you letter is very important!
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    Yes thank you notes are a MUST!
    I am located in Utah. I went to nursing school in Northern California (Run from that area)
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    what kind of job are you looking for? at the bedside? or are you looking for some type of advanced practice job? because i know very few managers who would hire you as an advanced practice rn without some more experience at the bedside.
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    Bedside nurse is what I want...
    My MSN is a Clinical Nurse Leader

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