new grad eager for first job! help on how to approach contact person

  1. I just graduated, passed the NCLEX and am soooo excited about finding my first job. There aren't ALOT of job openings around here, and EVERYTHING is done by applying online. However, I am really determined to work at my local hospital, it has always been my first choice. It is a magnant hospital and every time I have visited that hospital (unfortunatly my father is sick alot) I noticed what a great working environmnet it is, the nurses are never complaining and really seem to love their job.

    I want to go directly to the human resource person (when I find out who it is) and ask if I can leave my resume.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to exactly how to do this and what is the proper things to say when I contact this person? I am so new at applying for a job, interviewing....ect. But I really want to show that I am determined and will be worth hiring.

    Thanks for any advice.
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    sometimes you can get the name of a nurse recruiter through the voicemail system. sometimes they are listed on the directory when you call the human resources number. however, i do not suggest that you contact the nurse recruiter without applying for a job. you will not get very far.

    also, if you truly wish to land a job on that particular floor (the one your dad seems to go to often), then i suggest you actually talk to the nurses on the floor and get the name of the nurse manager or director. they are the ones who hire nurses... not hr. in fact, the next time your father or someone else you know is in the hospital, request to speak to the nurse manager or director of the floor and give him/her your resume. quickly sum up why that person should hire you despite being a new grad and you may actually land a job. btw, dress for an interview because you may be interviewed on the spot. gl!