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I am a new grad and have been working on my own for a few months now. There is one specific nurse that has been knocking my confidence so far down that I have gone home crying. During report she questions EVERYTHING i say. When i... Read More

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    Happens to me. They're just coming in for their shift, you're leaving, two different dynamics and states of mind. It always bugs me when I work my butt off all day and the next nurse comes in and just tears you down because they would have gone about the day completely differently or you left out a small bit of information in your report. Just do the best you can, deliver all the information the nurse needs to know in order to safely take care of the patient, and be on your way. Sometimes I'll nicely point out their behavior and that usually embarrasses them enough to behave for the rest of report.
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    I've been a nurse for almost 8 years and there is one nurse at my job that is so nit-picky during report it drives me crazy. She comes in to work with the attitude of "what did the last shift not do" or "did they leave one thing for me to do?". She literally comes in to work looking for things. It makes me so mad because I am NOT lazy. I can't stand laziness in people at work. I pride myself on having a good work ethic. I do my job, every last task. I go above and beyond to get things done, including things that have been left for me from the previous shift or even from the previous day. I make a point of not leaving anything for the next shift. I stay until it's done. I run myself ragged and she still will find something to question me about. She makes me feel like I am a bad nurse or a lazy one because there was maybe ONE thing that I didn't know (that I was never told from the previous shift for example). I don't have time to read the entire chart when I first get to work. I look at my Kardex page and go by what I get in report. Later when I get time I will look up more things. I find tons of things that the previous shift didn't tell me and I don't freak out about it.

    There are some nights I am so busy I am happy that the patients are all still alive when I leave. The last thing I need is her being a total jerk acting like I have been sitting with my feet propped up playing on my cell phone all night or something. I leave work very angry even if I have had a good night otherwise when I have to give her report. She would die if she worked my shift and had all the things left for her that I have left for me from the previous shift (IVs to start, fluids to hang, dressings to change, staples to remove, specimens to collect, new admission paperwork, new doctor's orders, blood to hang, etc.). She has NOTHING left for her to do by me and still acts like a hateful nit-picker. But she's like this with everyone. All the nurses on my shift say the same thing. They hate giving her report too. It really grates on my nerves.
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    I work with a nurse who literally takes 40 minutes to give report to when thr others are 10-15min max. The long report nurse has been an rn for 35yrs in the icu and asks me a million questions. Im patient and just tell him the important information but he is just old and set in his ways. He does not like electronic systems and I think its more that than really questioning me as a nurse.
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    I hope the original poster is noticing how many nurses with years of collective experience are all complaining about difficult certain RN's can be at report. It looks like it's something endemic to our profession and s/he will need to keep it in perspective and rise above. If you know you've given good care, then recognize it as the problem of that one RN and don't take it personally. Take care of yourself and stay positive. The first year of nursing is so hard. Pat yourself on the back for getting this far.

    Good luck on your journey.

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    Thank you all for your replies. It comforts me to know that this has happened to other RNs (not that I would wish this on anyone of course). I will do my very best to not take it personal when I give her report. I guess I just needed to hear that I'm not the only one this happens to. Darn those nit picky report receivers! Thanks again.
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    It sucks but all you can do is keep your head down and remain helpful and diligent.

    Weather it and you'll be accepted eventually.

    I'm four months into my first RN job and it's only just now starting to feel like I am part of the team.

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