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  1. Hello to anyone that reads this,

    I graduated in June 2011. I was prepared to take my exam until tragedy hit my family. We had to travel to our homeland to grieve. Unfortunately I did it pass my NcLex exam my first time. 2011-2012 was not a good year for me or for my family. I barely passed the test the second time in November. Ever since then, I have been waiting for a job. I am pretty sure I am not considered a new grad anymore in tge scope of a lot of California based medical hospitals and facilities. I do not know what to do and would like some help if anyone can offer to me. I thank you again for reading this long text and hope you have a good day.
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    Just to add, I reside in the Los Angeles area.
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    You are still a 'new grad' because you have not work experience. My organization (and many others) classifies anyone with less than 12 months full time nursing experience as a new grad.

    However, you are competing with recent new grads who have much closer association to the employers in your area, especially those in which they received clinical training. It would probably be wiser for you to focus on employers that do not serve as clinical training facilities. If you do not have a BSN, you will also be at a distinct disadvantage. If relocation is an option for you, I urge you to do so. Since you cannot change the nursing market in your area, you will have to find a different market.

    If you're multi-lingual, you may also want to emphasize this as an asset & focus on facilities that may have the need of your language skills for their patient population. If possible, go ahead and obtain certification as a medical interpreter (The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI)) This is also a way to earn some extra money while you are still looking for a job.
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    Ty very much. Any tips I can do to get more noticed by hospitals n recruiters