Licensure and applying out of state

  1. Does anyone have any experience in applying for nursing jobs out of state and what is the best way to go about obtaining the license. Is it possible to get a job in another state without the license with the condition of applying for the license. Or... Would it be better to apply for licenses in states that you hope to get jobs.
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  3. by   Nonetheless
    Yes it is possible to get a job out of state without that states license. Make sure you make it clear that you plan on transferring your license ASAP if you get the job.
  4. by   Scarlettz
    I was having trouble finding anything in my home state, so I decided to look into other states. I did receive one call from an out of state hospital without having a license there. It is possible, but I think actually having a state license already when you are applying will "up" your chances of being called back and shows hiring managers that you are serious about possible relocation. Obtaining licensure is expensive, so I highly recommend applying for licensure to states that you truly are interested in relocating as well as states that have a need for nurses. Do some research on states that seem to have a higher demand for nurses. Sometimes places need nurses relatively fast, so I think they look favorably to those who already have their state license.