Job Decision Dilemma

  1. I have been blessed with two job offeres but now have to make the tough descision between the two. I would love any input! Here are my two options:

    Option number 1 is an CVICU position at a small local(ish) community hospital. The unit is an 8 bed ICU that deals with mostly cardiac patients (MI, CABG, etc). From what I can tell, the staff and management are friendly and supportive, the pay is good and the unit is decent. The downside is that even though it is local, I would still have to move to the city, which is less than desirable. The city has one of the worst crime rates in the United states and ranks very high on Forbes "Most miserable places to live" list. But on the other hand, I will be close enough to family that I can visit on days off and the cost of living there is dirt-cheap.

    Option number 2 is a CVTICU position at a very, very reputable hospital connected to a University system. The hospital is rapidly growing and is at the forefront of cardiac care. The hospital just received a 120 million dollar donation and is putting that money to good use. The Unit is a 14 bed ICU where the sickest of the sickest patients are referred for heart and lung transplants, VADs, CABGs, etc. Needless to say this is a very good unit and hospital. The staff and management are exceptionally friendly and supportive and whole-heartedly believe in the professional development of nurses. But here is the downside, this hospital pays significantly less than the first option (about 8-10 dollars less), I would have to move about 7 hours away from my family, and the cost of living is much, much higher in this area.

    Both of the offers are through the Versant residency program, which means there will be 20 weeks of orientation with a preceptor and classroom portions. So really what It comes down to is decent unit, great pay, lower cost of living and closer (but crappier) city VS Ahh-mazing unit, lower pay, higher cost of living (decent city) and much farther away from family.

    My brain is telling me option 1, but my heart is telling me option 2. Which one should I pick?
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  3. by   dudette10
    My mind is saying #1, also. You said that it's on Forbes list of "most miserable places to live." My city is too, with a very high crime rate, but it has low crime areas to live in (which I do). Unless the city is a complete ****hole, I have to say suburbanites always make living in "the city" waaaaaay worse than it really is.

    Both places sound like they have really good orientation, so the playing field is level there. Whether it be a big whoop-de-doo hospital or a small community one, adequate orientation is what a new grad needs. What does that leave? IMO, it's your home life.

    Imagine yourself at big whoop-de-doo hospital: high cost of living, much lower pay, no family. How long will you be able to sustain yourself financially AND no emotional support. (I assume that you don't know many people 7 hours from where you are now.)

    About the moving it really necessary? Can you commute? My very first job many moons ago was 30 miles from where I lived. Eh, no big deal.

    Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   Double-Helix
    Option one seems like the best. It's one thing to have supportive co-workers, but having your family close by to support you is very special.

    Also, is the cost of living is higher, and the pay is less, that makes a significant difference. It's much bigger than 8-10 dollars per hour if your rent and bills are 30% more.

    I'm also wondering if moving into the city is really necessary. Surely you don't have to move into the center of the city? From my perspective, a communte of up to an hour is fine. Other people might be able to handle a longer commute. Public transportation is also an option. There are also suburban areas outside most cities that provide safer (albeit more expensive) housing. There is always a compromise.