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I get super anxious because of my job. I'm new and med surg floor scares me a lot. although I try my best. I'm too slow compared to the old employees.. I know the prob is that I have limited... Read More

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    I would not tell your manager what you've told us. I would make an appointment to see your doctor and see if he/she has any ideas.
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    I cannot advise you on what to do, but I can tell you my experience. I am by nature a highly stressed individual, always have been even at three years of age. I have worried myself sick about issues all of my 39years. The past four years I have implemented meditation and living in the present moment along with positive affirmations-these have worked wonders! Then, when I started my first RN position in November 2011, the anxiety returned with a vengence! I was panicking and feeling the worst sense of dread before my shift. Throughout my shift I was a nervous wreck. Then two months ago, things really did begin to get better. I am going on my fifth month being on my own, and I feel much more in control and more confident. I am attributing this to my change in attitude about my job. I have started thinking of my job as my "home away from home" . I have stopped trying to rush, rush, rush on purpose. I try to stay in the moment and do everything one step at a time, even though on med/surge/tele floor where I am , usually I am doing many things at once. But with a change in my state of mind, I have turned a shift of dread into a shift of being okay. Suprisingly I am getting things done on time and my shifts are going much smoother. It was hard to believe those who always say that over time things get easier, but it is the truth. Give yourself time, and try to be in the moment, be emotionally neutral, feel at home. These are the things that have helped me out. I wish you luck!
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    Not to sound dramatic but if your anxiety is so bad that you have chest pain and palps, I would just make an appt. with your PCP.
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    I'd recommend looking at similar posts to yours. This place is a wealth of information and words of wisdom.
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