Is there any hope for the BSN who never had experience to get a job?

  1. To everyone out there i`m looking forb a glimpse of positivity. In 2010 I finished my RN/ and A.D.N. Iam a second career nurse who wanted to get married and start a family so I did that instead of.getting a nursing job. Now in 2013 I have completed my BSN with the hope that it will make me a more attractive candidate for nursing jobs, and no bites.

    Is there anyone that has secured a job years after not having clinical experience. Now that I have spent money on a BSN I guess my next step will be to spend more money on nurse refresher courses. I just need someone to tell me i`m heading in the right direction. I am ready to make a career change Ihave the degrees what do Ido now???
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  3. by   RN 033
    I could have written this post!!! I'm an ADN grad of '10 and BSN of '12. I also put my career on hold while raising a family. I finally stopped looking for jobs at hospitals after having been rejected for years. The BSN didn't seem to make any difference. I've gotten turned down for PHN positions also. Having no experience other than clinicals has been devastating for launching my career. Personally, I wouldn't spend any more money on education. Taking any nursing position will be more attractive to potential employers. I work at a SNF now on the sub-acute rehab floor. Reality is that I need a job. Things didn't turn out the way I planned, but oh well, I'm able to make payments on my student loans. Hopefully, after a year at the SNF, I will have more opportunities available. Good luck!
  4. by   Seas
    You are an old new grad which I think is one of the unluckiest situations to be in. I think you will have a lesser chance, but it is not impossible. Good luck.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    It's a tough job market for everyone, let alone new grads. All you can do is keep applying to everything you can because at this point you want to start working period: you can always find/transfer into a new job down the road, but you can't do that until you start accruing nursing experience.

    Also definitely look outside of the hospital box: if you hold out for a hospital job only, you may be jobless for a long time.

    Best of luck.
  6. by   anangelsmommy
    how about looking for hospitals that have internships for new grads? they usually only hire those with less than 6 months of experience. If your grades are good, I would apply, you can always say that you wanted a family and now you are more focused on your career. I was actually disappointed to see that I could NOT apply for a few of these internships because I got a job right away when I got licensed. if you get one of these internships, you have a great job coming out of it and after that you have a great career ahead of you. some of them do not pay but it is a short road, before the paying job starts.