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Interviewing with University Hospital in Cleveland, OH

  1. 0 I'm an "old" new grad in the Cleveland Ohio area and been searching for a RN position for over 5 months now without any luck. I've had two interviews with Hospice of Western Reserve but was never offer the position nor received any feedback. After being very disappointed about that I decided that I needed to pick myself up and try even harder next time I'm given the chance to interview. So after two months after that incident I received a phone call from University hospital and was scheduled for a phone interview. The phone interview must have went pretty well since now I'm scheduled for a in-person on site interview next Thursday with the head nurse and DON...and my question to you guys is...what questions should I expect? Does anyone have any experience interviewing with UH hospitals? Overall what should I expect? I'm very excited about this opportunity and really want to do my best at the interview!
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    First go to the site and learn about the hospital,(are they magnet), what is their on going research, mission statement (this on is huge) read it, memorize it, apply it to the questions they give you. You should expect the general "tell us about yourself, do you have any weakness, how do you feeling about working with this population". When I interview for my job, they were just awarded one of the top 50 best hospitals in the U.S and I went to their site and found out the person interviewing me (the unit manager), was one of the first nurses to graduate from the new DNP program at our local university. So of course I congratulated her for her achievement and talked how it was important to me to work for a hospital that values nurse and seeing that they are Magnet recognized, assured me they are. Rememeber, it's also an interview for them too. Ask questions! Opportunities, pay raises, nurse turn over rates. They want to know you have done your research on them too! Be passionate, tell the truth and you'll get it!
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    Yes, definitely look up their mission and think about how you can apply that in practice. I'm a nursing student going into senior year and I applied for a nurse tech position there (and got it!) and had a phone interview and an actual interview with them. That was one of their questions. They asked really similar questions in both interviews. Like the person said above, get to know the hospital. They want to see that you care enough to do some research. Be honest, too. I just looked into what UH was all about, current projects, and what they offer and I even told them during the interview that I don't have any personal experiences with them. They'll ask you for examples from clinical and classes, too, so try to think of some standout moments that are good examples of your character as a nurse, coworker, and person. Think of things you could have done better and how, too. Good luck!
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    First, you really arent an "old" new grad yet. I graduated in Spring 2010, and was just hired at a hospital. So, dont sell yourself short.

    Regarding an interview, common questions like "tell a time when you experienced conflict with a coworker" and "name a time when you advocated for a patient" are often asked. They usually dont care what the specific example is, but rather how you handle the situation. As others have mentioned, I also had to relate some answers to the mission statement.

    What floor are you interviewing on? Just have plenty of examples to relate to the position you are interviewing. Oh, and bring copies of your resume and references if you have them. GOOD LUCK!
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    THANKS for all of the advice!! I'll take them all in great consideration in preparing for my interview. I've already memorized the mission statement and looked into the vision and standards of the hospital. I suppose I just have to recall some of my clinical experiences so I'll be bettered prepared to apply my experiences to the questions.

    @Birdie22 I'm interviewing for the Ortho unit at Richmond Medical Center. Are you currently employed with UH? If so, how does the hiring process work? Will there be another interview after this? I'm just curious how that all works.

    @studnurse12 I have the same question for you, how did your hiring process work for you?
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    I started a couple weeks ago at UH. After my telephone interview, I was scheduled to interview with my nurse manager. She told me that they would be making a decision in the next week. So, about a week later, they emailed me saying they were going to do a background check. Then, about a week after that, they called and offered me the job. So all total, it took about two and a half weeks. A good question to ask whoever you are interviewing with is when a decision will be made.

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