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Internships/ residencies in dallas forth worth

  1. 0 Okay so I'm not here to vent but just to put in my two cents. My whole expression of the nursing shortage (in Texas anyways) is that there are the good/ most wanted jobs out there like the internships/residencies, the regular jobs, and the no one want to work there jobs. I have been trying my hardest to land a internship/residency because I did 1.5 year as a med-surgical staff L.V.N. and I just don't won't to do it anymore. So I have applied for more if not all the internships/residencies I qualify for in D.F.W and central Texas (I'm from central Texas but will love to relocate to D.F.W. or surrounding area). So far I have been denied from Baylor, JPS, Parkland, Texas Health Resources thats to name a few. What is a gal to do? If I don't get a internship/ residency by June Med-Surgical, LTC here I come. Oh and if this I might as well move back home to central Texas and live with my parent to save money (Because I'm trying for graduate school part-time after I graduate= BSN May 2010) Comments Suggestion are welcome
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    I totally understand your pain! I am an LVN getting my RN too and have applied for 20 internships, no that is not an exagerration (sp?) I live in DFW area but at least you have experience in med surg, I have only office experience. Good luck in your search!!