how long for a call for an interview??

  1. how long after you submit a resume/application does it usually take to get a call for an interview? I've applied to sooo many hospitals and have yet to get a call back. And when I call them to check on my application, it's usually an automated message that says that they can't check on applications due to all the applicants. I'm going absolutely CrAzY!!!
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  3. by   MB37
    Have you graduated, or are you in your last semester? Do you know if those hospitals allow you to work before you pass the NCLEX if you haven't yet? It all varies by hospital and area you live in. I graduated in August, and started applying for jobs last April. Some of my friends had job offers already before we started our last semester. The place I wanted to work, however, wouldn't even read my application until July, and wouldn't call for an interview until August. I had applied 4 months ago, but after talking to HR realized that I'd have to sit tight if I really wanted to work there. If you're only getting recordings on the phone, go in in person and talk to the recruiters - they should at least be able to tell you generally when to apply for what, and how the process usually works. Once I graduated, everything moved quickly - I graduated on a Saturday, interviewed Mon for the job I took, wasn't sure how it went, applied for other jobs Monday as well, had a phone interview Weds and set up a live interview for the next Mon, but had to cancel it as I was hired by my top choice on Friday. Have your classmates been finding jobs/getting calls? If so, make sure you have someone look over your resume to make sure it's not turning recruiters off.
  4. by   newnurse92117
    I read your post and my eyes bulged out of my head almost! lol.. i'm having the same problem. I'm in San Diego, where we have about 7 hospitals and am having a VERY hard time finding a job.. I am on Zoloft.. or i would be crying daily because I feel so responsible for this ...though i can't see what else i could do to try harder to find a job.