help with late thank you note to former employee?

  1. here's a little background of what happened..

    I've been working for a small doctor's office on and off for total about 2 years (off because of nursing school). Two month ago, I was offered a new job at a hospital, I let both the doctor and our office manager (the doctor's wife) know. And my last day at the office was 8/27.

    When I leave the office, because the office is short on staff and another staff may go on maternity leave soon (but manager doesn't know when or how long exactly my coworker is planning on taking the leave) - The manager asked me if I would be able to help out if they can't find a new person in time, I said of course, I will be more than happy to help out whenever I can. The manager really appreciate it and said she will call me if she needs help.

    So in a way, I feel like I was "on call". Therefore, I never formally said "thank you and good bye" to the main doctor! The doctor is really busy, so it's hard to catch time to speak to him. I normally communicate with the manager. Soo.. it's been 2 month, I never hear anything from my manager. My former co worker just had her baby last week, so I'm pretty sure they won't need me anymore.

    I feel really bad and rude on my part that I never said anything to the doctor, even though I'm sure the wife which is the manager must have communicate that with him already. So I bought a little gift and gonna write a thank you note and plan on stopping by the office sometime tomorrow.

    I need help with the thank you note... should I apologize for the late note in the card? how should I say it?

    English is my second language, my word of choice can be poor sometime, if there's any way to make the sound better please help .. thank you so much!!

    Here's what I have so far..

    Dear Dr. _______,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the office and have learned so much. Thank you for the support and encouragement you have provided me during my time at the office. If there is any way I can return the kindness, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for everything. It's been a pleasure working with you.

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  3. by   artsmom
    I think what you have written is just fine. You don't need to apologize, I would just send that along as is.