hELP! is this a good research topic?

  1. The Clock, Book and the working Nurse:
    Perception of MN Students (Research class Sec A) of
    Liceo de Cagayan University on their
    Time management and Stress Coping Mechanisms


    [B]Stress and the working Nurse:
    Perception of Nurses of German Doctors Hospital on their Stress Coping Mechanisms[/B]

    How am i going to measure this? help...
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  3. by   HouTx
    Sounds like a great topic. But if you are going to test the efficacy of an intervention, you'll have to come up with a design that includes pre- and post-intervention measures and a control group.

    Always much stronger if you use a variety of related measurements. I would suggest using a valid self-reporting instrument as well as a convenient and quick physiological measurement tool. Maybe a portable finger or wrist BP instrument - would also measure pulse rate.

    You could start with baselines for all participant, that include "stress free" as well as "stressed" (perceived & measured). Randomly assign each participant to either the test or control group. THEN, teach the test group a coping mechanism and make sure the participants are using it .... THEN duplicate the initial testing procedures for both the test and control groups.

    The only other way I can think of is to shift into a qualitative research mode - and rely only on interviews & self-reporting... not as strong, but if the purpose is to learn research skills it should be sufficient.