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So I haven't been on this board for a while. I have been an R.N. for 1 1/2 years now, where I started as a brand spanking new grad in Interventional Cardiology/CCU Stepdown/Critical Care..woohoo... Read More

  1. by   RPN_toronto
    Thanks Angie for sharing your experience. Good luck with your future.
    It is really sad to know that nurses eating their young is not fading with time. I am sure nurses like you will bring a change.
    As my nursing teacher said, nursing is a life long process.It is not only limited to learning about meds or helping people when they are sick. You learn a lot more than you can ever think of. I am glad you did not give up and you proved yourself as a ''GREAT NURSE''.
    Pray to God for your bright future.

    A new grad nurse from toronto
  2. by   PolaskyRN
    Thank you for sharing your story! I am a new grad nurse still trying to look for work...I hope one day when I do find THAT job (and hopefully its soon!) I can use your story to help me get thru it. Thanks!
  3. by   Xkarinah
    Woooow!!! How beautiful!! I'm still in the first half of the battle (looking for a job) but this was great to read. I can totally see this happening
  4. by   iCare24
    Thank you for posting this! I'm a new graduate and I am expecting this to happen when I enter the work place. This is very encouraging and whenever I feel down, I'll make sure to read this post again to get some inspiration.
  5. by   Rean87
    Oh my goodness, THANK YOU so much for sharing your experince. I am a new grad RN who's been on orientation for the last several weeks and I must say it's very tough. I often find myself discouraged and ready to call it quits, but I can't. I refuse to give up.
  6. by   dsr1mms
    Thanks for the words of wisdom. I'm graduating in 5 days and I'm sure I will find this helpful!
  7. by   ladybug08
    You are sooooo awesome. I just passed my nclex and am in the job hunt with a couple of offers on the table. Your experience has encouraged me to hang in there when it gets tough and seek support. I hope I have as much gusto as you do!
  8. by   TheLiberation
    I swear after reading your experience with your first year of nursing, I must say I feel so much better about going into my 3-11 shift in a few hours despite how I normally dread the hell out of it. I too am an outsider in my 99% Spanish-speaking facility with people talking behind my back thinking I dont understand them when I actually & moderately do. I'm so glad that I read this because before this I felt like I was just going to kill myself. But I realize now that it takes time. It takes time to make yourself and prove yourself that you can be one of them and that you are infact destined to succeed and be a great nurse. So that's what you have inspired me to do; to hang on and learn as much as I can and do the best that I can.

    Thank you so much. You've made a world of difference.
  9. by   nurse671
    Thanks for sharing your story. Would love to read more of your blog.
  10. by   Tommo446
    I loved your story. I'm a brand new grad, going though hell and back everyday it feels! I've been working within the prison system for the past 11 weeks and I'm starting to like the prisoners more than most of my coworkers. I'm also a guy which I feel is only adding to the fire unfortunately. It seems these girls have a very tight nit circle that I'm simply not welcome in. They constantly dump problem patients on me and just expect me to know how to handle it. They've told my supervisor that I'm not competent when they've disappeared on numerous occasions and left me to deal with everything that's happening. I feel like I haven't made a single work friend, and I'm a very personable individual I've never once in my life has an issue making new friends anywhere I've gone. Thanks for your story I'd love to vent more and ask for advice if you'd be ok with that?
  11. by   sistaAfua
    Thanks for the encouragement, you have truly inspired me to know that i can also do it. I started my first job at a longterm care after 2yrs of license, aft one year i worked with temp agency to different hospitals and with no orientation. It was scary and uncomfortable going to places as a new nurse. finally i decided to stop picking the shift when they call me for shifts especially the fact that they call you an hour or two before the start of the shift was crazy. Anyway for about 7months now i have not been practicising, i went to look for a job as a CNA and i was given the opportunity in the facility to practice. As a cna i was given 3 shifts orientation, and as a new nurse again 3 shifts. After almost two weeks of orientation they gv me my first shift. Unfortunately there was a student who is doing her placement with me and we both using the same computer and inexperienced and so they asked an exp nurse to keep an eye and so she will come around once in a while, she screamed at us like babes while we were still giving our Am meds at 10am.
    A patient told the student she had a headache i said to the student lets go to the room cos i was not sure who you talking about and i want to assess her pain and see exactly how she is feeling so i can tell the doc cos its doc visit today. This exp nurse jumped at us" where are you both going?" i said we are going to patients room."what for thats why you guys have not gotten anything done and its the 2 of you. Meanwhile she is on one computer so i have to wait for the student to use the same computer and she doesnt even work on the floor i could sense she was told by the DOC to keep an eye since we both were not experience. Anyway the lady told me there was no need to go to patient room, all i had to do was to take PRN tylenol if she needs gv it, if not bring it back.
    I know she didnt want us to be walking about to save us the time, however i remember from school as a nurse you assess the patient before you implement care. I felt so stupid with her and full time CNA making us feel so damn,
    I felt so stressful coming home althought there was nothing major that had to get me worried for the shift. The fact that am new is stressful, having a student working with me is another one, having an exp nurse and CNA yelling at us going to do assessment is another thing. Coming home i said to myself can i really do this? I got my license why do i still feel like i dont know what am doing? Dont know alot of meds, what to do when doc comes around, which paper works to fill when there is no BM etc. And so i decided to come on this site to for some encourage and i truely found one.
    Bless you
  12. by   bubbles410
    Morettia, thank you for describing your experience here. I found it very encouraging and hopeful. I notice that you put a lot of emphasis on standing up to everyone including MDs, secretary, and even senior nurses. I am seeking your advice because I recently started in an intense ICU, and our orientation is 6 months. We are assigned to different preceptors on every shift, and they must fill out a standard evaluation with us at the end of the shift. I had an experience the other night in which I was given only my 2nd admission, and it was completely different than my first admission, so I had a lot to learn. The nurse spent the entire time following me around while I was doing my work and grilling me with Qs, half of which I could answer, and roughly half that I couldn't. In her evaluation she put that I needed prompting to do all my work, ie is&os, lab follow up, responding to monitor alarms, etc., none of which was objectively true. She told me she didn't want to argue and that I had to sign it. I made her amend one specific thing that was blatantly false. I still didn't agree with her assessment of my work, but I felt I had no choice to sign. Would you have just sucked it up and signed? Why or why not? I am wondering if I made the wrong choice.
  13. by   KTJ0408
    I cannot thank you enough for this post! Here it is 9 years later and I, a new grad ER nurse am experiencing love and hate with my job. I'm on orientation still, and don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, but time-management and priorities are definitely a struggle for me. Thank you so much for your inspiration and letting us know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I greatly appreciate it!