Graduation/working before NCLEX/getting your ATT-help! (grads in VA especially)

  1. I am an almost new grad in Virginia. I graduate in 8 weeks! If you are in Virginia, you know that the Virginia license application, among other things, requires you to have a copy of your transcript sent to the board of nursing,saying you graduated, etc etc. YOu must have this in before they tell NCLEX you are eligible to test and you get your ATT. Well, I was told today that though we graduate in mid-May, our school won't send out our transcripts til mid-June! SO then we wouldn't get our ATT til at least later June! I heard a rumor that although you can work for 90 days after graduation without a license, while waiting to take hte NCLEX, that you do at least have to have your ATT to start this true? I hadn't heard this before.
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  3. by   FarmgrrlRN
    Hi there,

    I'm also in VA (we posted to each other before in that forum). I just interviewed two weeks ago for a job and was told the same. I would not be able to start work as a RNA until I received my ATT.
  4. by   Altra
    I'm sure this varies from state to state, but here in PA the BON issues a temporary practice permit along with the ATT. You can't work as a GN until you physically have that piece of paper in your hand -- it can take up to a month after graduation.

    I plan to spend the month between graduation & my start date sleeping, cleaning my house really well for the first time in 3 years, spending lazy time with my hubby & daughter, sleeping, eating ice cream, laying out in the sun, and sleeping. Did I mention sleeping?

    Oh yeah ... there's also studying for that NCLEX thing too ... :smackingf