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I am a recent BSN graduate from Michigan (May 2010). I am aspiring to be a Labor & Delivery nurse. I have applied to many positions within MI, WI, TX, DE, & CA with zero luck. My main focus is... Read More

  1. by   L&Dnurse13
    I work in a high risk labor & delivery unit in NC. I was hired as a new grad. We have a slightly higher turn over rate due to being a military town, but out unit hires new grads almost every year. Most work out well and only leave if hubby gets transfered. I had no interest in med surg and would of hated getting even 6 months experience. I was trained to do the job I do and love every minute of it, but it is not what I thought it was when I first applied. A lot of moms are really sick, you have two patients, one that you cannot visually see. There aren't always happy endings. Its not always easy. This was not where I thought I wanted to be. I figured I would work L&D for a year and transfer to NICU. After 6 months I realized I loved where I was. The whole reason I got my RN was to be a NICU nurse. Now I wouldn't even think of leaving. You may be surprised what area you fall in love with! Good luck!
  2. by   jxRN
    bakersfield in california..

    i know its possible. I know someone who didnt do their preceptorship in L&D, new grad, and got a job there. good luck
  3. by   mcchampe
    I applied there. There's a New Grad Position on the LDR floor! Thanks! =)
  4. by   LoveANurse09
    So, What happened with the job hunt?
  5. by   mcchampe
    I received my State of MI license in August and obtained my WI endorsement a few weeks ago. Back in April a home health agency contacted me and I had three interviews. They liked me and encouraged me to contact them when I got my WI RN License Endorsement. Despite the "almost job offer", I put off phoning them for a few weeks before I panicked and called them last week. I can serve food and beverages at $2.63/hour for so long. ;-) My interview was this morning and they offered me a job! I'm just waiting for my letter of acceptance which will indicate my salary, benefits, etc. Then I will have 2 weeks to accept or deny the offer. Although I am happy that I FINALLY got an interview and a job offer (I was getting ZERO interviews all summer. How frustrating ), I am hoping that a OB/NICU unit will want to interview w/in the next two weeks. I know, it's selfish...but it's my true passion.

    Over the summer I earned my Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Provider certification to make myself a more qualified candidate, but this hasn't helped at all. I guess I will have to learn a lot in my first job and see where it will lead me in the future! I am not ruling out Midwifery yet, but I am excited to be in home health. It is my second favorite field of nursing.

    Overall, this offer is bittersweet for me. It's not my dream job, but it's exciting that this agency wants to train me despite knowing my passion for OB nursing. Yeah, I told them that. LOL. I'm shocked they still want me there. If OB Nursing is the gold medal, then Home Health is the silver medal. It's pretty damn good, but I'm still aiming at winning big!

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I hope all is well with you
  6. by   nursepenelope
    I am in the same position. I graduated in 2008 wanting to be an L & D nurse. I did an externship and preceptor ed in it and still can't get a job. Not even in acute care. What the heck. Does anyone know we hat the best thing to do is? I also have had to take a year and a half off because of severe illness. But I want to get back in there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks