Grad Program in Canada like ours in Aus?

  1. hi guys im new here,
    so hello to all!

    i was just wondering ( i have tried to look it up already but i dont get all these abbreviations haha)
    if Canada has a similar program to ours, which is once i have completed my Bachelor of Nursing i can apply for a graduate position at pretty much any hospital and i get to work the following year and get paid while still having a lot of support

    i finish my course at the end of this year and want to move to Canada next year, but i was wondering if there is some kind of exchange system so i can still do my grad year but over there.
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  3. by   ghillbert
    There is no exchange program. You'd have to apply for licensure over there. You'd be much better doing a grad year here while working on your CA licensure and then moving.