got productive after NLE

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    Hey guys! I just wanted to share what I did after my taking the NLE last July 2010..

    While I was waiting for the results, I attended seminars (which were a really big help for my resume haha) and basic hospital trainings such as BLS and First Aid..

    After passing the boards upon AUgust results release I still continued attending seminars..

    And yes I did become a bum for about 3months then I joined a large legal company named NUSKIN.. I preferred going into a business company rather than following my friend's trends such as being a bum at all or maybe try the call center career..

    Then I enrolled at PEMFRI for EMT course because it has a big discount (since I was really on a tight budget) and the materials were provided.. The OJT was great and I was able to put my nursing and EMT skills to the scenes as well.. I was also to respond to different cases and ride an ambulance while treating the patient..

    When I applied for a staff nurse position the interviewer told me that I had a high chance of getting in since I'm the only RN EMT that they will be having in their hospital Yeay me!

    At this present I am a staff nurse thank God

    So guys go for it!! Be productive!

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    Congratulations on getting the job and more studies...Furthering knowledge is priceless...

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