Glendale Adventist New Grad Program

  1. In case anyone was thinking about applying to the Glendale Adventist New Grad program, this is the message I received from HR after I submitted my application online:

    Thank you for your interest in Glendale Adventist Medical Center. We are in receipt of your recent employment application for the RN New Grad Program and understand the challenges you are currently facing in your search for a RN position.

    At this current time, we are faced with 1,000+ RN New Grad applications with limited positions. Due to the high volume, we are currently unable to contact you at this time. Please know that your application will remain active in our applicant tracking system for one year from the date you applied. We will make every effort to take the applications in the order received.

    Our RN New Grad Program is on going and we have the ability to start new grads each month based upon our need.

    As a RN new graduate, you will only be eligible at this time to be considered solely for the RN New Grad Program. Please refrain from applying to any other RN positions, as they require at least 1+ years of acute care hospital experience.

    It is our hope that we may contact you in the future. We appreciate the time and effort you took to apply for this position. We wish you all the best for the future, personally and professionally.
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  3. by   marcos9999
    I received similar e-mails from other programs, not from Adventist however...I keep my fingers crossed. The good news is that there seem to be a lot more of these programs out there now compared to last year when there were few.
  4. by   NiaBSN
    Gosh, this seems to be the case everywhere. Application periods are closing earlier than expected due to the high volume of applicants. Well, on to the next one.
  5. by   derosan
    I received the same email when I applied in November. Have they contacted you yet?