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hi to all...i am writing because i am about wits end with the job searching. i worked so hard in school, i had impeccable grades, i had a great reputation as an excellent, intelligent student with all my professors both in... Read More

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    Quote from BrendaH84
    I also applied to around 75 jobs, the ONLY two who offered me positions, were two of the hospitals where I had clinical rotations.
    Since I was there for clinicals, for those two positions I also FAXED my resume and cover letter, AND CALLED THE FLOOR where the position was open, and spoke to the Nurse Manager, letting them know I had been there during school, how much I loved it there etc etc etc.
    BOTH of those places offered me a position, and of course I took one.
    I wished I had not wasted time filling out all of the other applications.

    At first I only wanted a hospital close to home and not one where I'd had clinicals (they were much farther), but beggars can't be choosers and the drive is only three days a week.
    I so happen to have filled an online application online today to a hospital that will probably take me 45 - 60 mins to get there.....did not want to go that far...but I am willing to travel.

    Hard to get the phone number of the floor where the unit is at. The hospital does not provide those numbers.

    I am keeping the faith.
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    to SENSUALBLISSINFL, they didn't say in the ad if it was med surg or oncology etc?
    i called the main number and said, such and such unit please- they transferred the call-- when phone was answered i asked to speak to the Nurse manager on that floor, they said ok may i ask why, and i said, it's about the job posting you have, and they transferred me.
    my drive is 30 miles BUT it is only 3 days a week, and we drive when most others are off the road, due to our 12 hour shifts, so it's not bad i wish u the best.
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    Thank you Brenda. I am willing to drive up to 50-55 miles each way. You are right, is only three times a week so is doable. I am open to day or night shift. I just want to start working already. I am afraid I am forgetting all I have learned in nursing school. I am not starting my BSN until I have a good six months on the new job so I will not have added stress of a new job and school. I am trying to keep positive, and not let myself get down, but it is becoming harder and harder each day.
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