First interview for RN job!!

  1. Hey guys! I'm a senior nursing student, graduate in April (wooo!) and I have an interview with a GP MD today. Very excited, but nervous. I only have hospital experience with clinicals... Not sure what to expect but private practice is something I'm interested in. Any tips this for this particular niche? Or words of encouragement :-)? Eeek! I know my final semester will be so much less stressful if I know I have a job coming out... Not sure I posted in the right place, sorry if I didn't! Thanks y'all.
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  3. by   beeker
    Just wanted to wish you good luck! Most of the time people hire the person that they would most like to work with so be yourself and be nice. You have an interview on a Sunday? How odd! I hope it goes well for you! You made it through nursing school, so you can do anything.
  4. by   RN in training
    Thanks beeker! Going in to shadow for a half day tomorrow- not done with school yet, graduate in April. But thought I'd get a head start on the Jon search! Hoping he'll hire me as clinical staff now if he likes me and then bring me on as salary RN when I pass my boards. I appreciate your positivity :-) happy new year!