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Hi all! I finished 13 weeks of orientation last Friday ( my unit educator is awesome :)) I am on a busy ortho/ general surgery floor and have learned sooooo much during my orientation. I was lucky... Read More

  1. by   nursebride2012
    Quote from blackvans1234
    Oh man!

    What degree do you have?
    ASN, BSN?
    What state are you practicing in?
    Did you have an ''in'' with management?

    I have my ASN but am working on my BSN at the moment.
    I also have a BA in Psychology.
    I am in Ohio because I couldn't find a hospital RN job in California. I'm near Cincinnati, so it's not too bad.
    Also, I worked at this hospital previously as a PCA before moving to California so I guess you could say I had an "in" with management.
  2. by   nursebride2012
    Thanks everyone for your kind and encouraging words. I have had two weeks on my own now. Friday will begin week 3! It's been so busy but the charge RN"s are great and are always looking to help in any way. I'm so blessed to be on an awesome floor. I've found new ways to organize my day and make things easier. Red pens are awesome. I've learned that I can't do it all and delegation is important. I'm a huge fan of walking rounds at change of shifts and documenting in the patients room. We have epic and it makes life so much easier. Anyways, as always, allnurses is awesome and I'm always finding great tips and words of wisdom to help me in my career.