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I'm a new grad graduated Jan 2012 hired into a Med Surge position in a level 2 hospital in Brooklyn. one week left to be on my own and completing my 8 week orientation I get fired. I didn't see it coming, never got written up ,... Read More

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    Quote from Ms.MayaRN

    As to the born again christian , noone knew prior to hiring her of her religious views.

    No one cared about her religious views. What people cared about was that she was always inflicting them on other people, complete with diatribes about how they were all sinners and were going to hell.

    And as for Lizzie, who never ever wanted to move fast -- a fast-paced ICU is a poor place for her. Especially when she'd been told several dozen times she needed to pick up the pace but decided not to even TRY to move faster because she didn't like moving fast. Not a good fit.

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    Your completely right no one cares about peoples religious views but we do care about always inflicting them on others, as to Lizzie you state that "She'b been told several dozen times she needed to pick up the pace"
    in other words this nurses were advise, told to improve but didn't improve so thereby end result is not a good fit .

    I was never given that opportunity. I am not a victim nor am I trying to make myself appear as one. All I wanted was an explanation not just the phrase" not a good fit" without anything else . Not a good fit will not help me growth as a person .

    If I was told "your too slow" pick up your pace. You have been warned then I know I have to correct the issue . I was never advise not a good fit without anything else is heartless, and plain gross .

    I am moving on is not the end of the world. I do wish they get a taste of their own medicine in their lifetime.
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    No stethoscopes? This place doesn't even sound like it's in America.

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