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Finally an interview!! EXCITED!

  1. 0 So after countless applications I have finally gotten an interview!! It feels as though I have waited forever since I graduated in May. But, in all reality I just passed boards in August for Alabama and have been approved for my Florida license for 2 weeks. My interview is in Florida at a great hospital from what I understand so I hope it goes well! To all my fellow new grads....don't give up and keep on trucking! I have been helping take care of my father-in-law for the past 2 months and now that things are better with him, I am getting interview calls. The old saying, "Everything happens for a reason" is just that. You just have to keep moving on and someone will snag you when the time is right!
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    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you get it. I just got into a residency program. I have to move out of state ): but it's a start... n i get to rotate through different ICU's and choose one at the end of orientation. Please New Grads hang in there!!!!!! Are you willing to relocate for a job? Look at smaller towns because the big cities have A LOT of candidates wanting to get in too. Good Luck to new grads who are still searching. I hope something turns up real quick. Keep the Faith!!!!!!
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    Thanks gigi01!! I'll know tomorrow for better or worse. If not, then I am looking into applying for a nurse residency program through the same hospital. I hear it is a great place to work regardless of where you are so I am hoping for the best!! Good luck with your residency!! We actually just relocated after I graduated in May so I am licensed in Alabama and Florida b/c we live so close to the state line. The interview was with a hospital in Florida.
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    Congrats on the interview and good luck. I am still waiting as well since graduating in January.