FAFSA/Pell Grant question

  1. Hello, all. I'm new to the site and had a quick fafsa question. I graduated last year with my ADN. I am planning on going back for my RN to BSN online. I have always been under the impression that, in order to be eligible for a Pell Grant, you cannot have a degree. I had a Pell Grant when I was in school for my ADN, very thankful for it. So I thought that I wouldn't be eligible for a Pell Grant to get BSN, because I already have a degree. However, I had a friend at work tell me that I was still eligible, because I didn't have my BSN. Only after obtaining a BSN are you considered ineligible for a Pell Grant. Does anyone have any experience or information that might clear this confusion up for me? Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    You are not eligible for a Pell Grant if you have earned a Bachelor degree. So, if you do the RN to BSN, and you meet the income requirements, you will be awarded the Pell Grant along with other state and federal grants. Good Luck!
  4. by   heartnurse4
    Oh that is so good to hear! Thanks, Parker!

    Okay then, one more question. On the fafsa, it asks, "When you begin college, what will be your grade level?" Then it lists these options:

    First year/Freshman
    Second year/Sophomore
    Third year/Junior
    Fourth year/Senior
    Fifth year/other undergraduate
    1st year graduate/professional
    Continuing graduate/professional or beyond

    What the heck am I? I graduated ADN from a two year community college. Does that make me a first year graduate? Or by "graduate", do they mean BSN, in which case I am an "undergraduate", since I don't have my BSN yet?

    Thanks for your help. Trying to get this right so I can avoid any red tape later.
  5. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    LOL...I know it can be confusing. You will be entering at a Third year/Junior...
  6. by   CariLiz
    Great question, heartnurse! I was wondering the same thing.

    IN addition, does anyone know if you have your ADN and are interested in a RN(ADN) to MSN, does the same rule apply??? I mean you are STILL and undergraduate.