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First let me write that I am super thankful to be gainfully employed as a new grad RN...so this isn't a rant thread. I'm just curious to know if you landed a job in the area that you wanted when you were in school? Also, if you... Read More

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    Right department (NICU) but not the city I'd hoped I'd be in. Worked out very well so far, though.

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    I graduated in May, passed NCLEX in June, and I was just hired for MedSurg/Telemetry. I don't actually start for another week. It's not in the hospital I want (But hospitals in Dallas are pretty much done hiring new grads right now), nor the floor I desire, but I'm soooo thankful to get a job so quickly! Plus, I'm not terribly far from my home. I think the experience I gain on this floor will help me tons before I work myself into ER or ICU.
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    So yea no I am not where I want to be. I got my RN license Jan 2010, currently working for a home health agency, no benefits, PRN. It pays some of the bills, but I really want to be working in a hospital on a L&D unit. Right now any position in the hospital would be great. The agency I work for is only for children so I would love to work on a peds floor or mother baby, but L&D is my dream job, hope to one day be a NP for women's care so I guess applying for 1000s of jobs hasn't worked for me yet, but I hope those endless internet job search hours will pay off soon!
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    Not at all. I just got a job on a Med/Surg/Tele that specializes in medically unstable eating disorder patients. I feel lucky to be able to feed my family, but I am bummed out that I am working in the area that I dislike the most. When the job market was good I always said I wanted to start in L&D, but my second choice is anything but med surg or psych. Now I get a little of both. I know it will be valuable experience and I am very grateful to be at a hospital with great benefits and pay for the area and a good team. Who would have thought, when we decided to go for nursing, that it was going to be this way?
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    I ended up just where I wanted to be. I graduated May 2010, passed NCLEX June 2010, and just started my job today. After doing my ICU rotation, I knew that was where I saw myself fitting. The job I just started is a 17 week critical care internship, rotating between CVICU, ICU, and ED. The hospital is AMAZING, offers great benefits, the best pay for a new grad in the area, and staff seems very supportive of us.
    There are 16 of us doing this internship, we all met today for orientation and it seems like it's going to be a great team.
    I feel very lucky!
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    Hey all! I graduated nursing school in May 2009. Passed NCLEX at the end of August, and started my first RN job as a New Grad in Dec 2009. Even though my first choice was labor and delivery, it is not easy to start there as a new grad. I am working on a general medical floor at a pediatric hospital in DC....which was my second choice. I had been trying for months and months to get in here, as well as otehr hospitals, and I am just so elated that my former nurse manager saw something in me that others did not (we merged into a bigger floor with the respiratory care unit, and my former nurse manager manages two different units now ). I am learning a lot, and even though I have some days where I really don't want to come to work (I'm only human lol), I am very blessed and happy to have this position; it took a lot of tears, frustration, and work to get here. Good luck to all those who are still hunting and don't give up.
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    I have been a registered nurse for exactly one year and four days. I miraculously landed my dream job in the ED at the facility I already worked at. When I stepped into the interview all I knew was it was for an ED in the region.

    Fast forward to now... I love my job. I love the people I work with. I have earned the respect of my managers, the docs/PAs, and my co-workers, and I know this because they have made it known to me. I knew the ED was the place for me from the start.

    I am now looking into working as a nurse abroad in the future. A job I was recently offered by a friend. I never imagined those opportunities would be available to me this soon in my career.

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