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So, disillusioned nurse here...In a nutshell, I'm a new grad. I've had to struggle with many obstacles, including single motherhood, and finally attained a dream of mine to become an RN in 2010. I've always done everything 200%... Read More

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    Get a notebook, and record every conversation with the boss. By being taken off the schedule you have been terninated, at least temporarily. You need a concise credible chain of events to obtain unemployment, if you need to. Also, if you haven't yet, start writing down in detail all the events leading up to this situation. If you are in a right to work state (which means you don't have to join a union, and employment is at will, so you can be fired without cause at any time without notice) you can't do anything but collect UC if you are fired without cause, unless your civil righst have been violated.
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    OK - so maybe I am just dense today, but I don't understand what chart audits have to do with harrassment. Is there an assumption that the harrassment was warranted because of poor clinical documentation??? That's just outrageous. OP needs a STAT manager-ectomy.
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    I would absolutely get a lawyer at this point, and copies of the letters on your behalf if possible.
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    I agree with getting a lawyer especially now that you've been fired. Keep the job on your resume and use coworkers and your preceptor as references.
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    I say lay low and wait it out. Your professional work has nothing to do with personal conflicts in the work place and if your charts will be "audited" as they say (which I hope they're kidding because that's more bullying right there) and if you have done a good job thus far then they obviously can't touch you! When you DO go back to work, maintain a professional and firm but calm attitude, keep doing a good job, keep your chin up and keep a LOG of EVERYTHING that bully does to you. So that when push comes to shove you have evidence and documentation of everything. I know of someone who did this because she was bullied by her SUPERVISOR and get this, her supervisor was fired!! Hope everything works out for you and let us know what happens...so sad this always happens in a field where we are known to be honest and ethical!
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    i dont understand what chart audits have to do with investigation of harrassment by a co-worker. it would be down right deplorable if this DON is setting you up...and why were you suspended for being harassed???
    this sounds like punishment for being bullied and that is deplorable in my opinion. after all is said and done i would not even look this bully in the eye. cold as ice iw ould be. i would most certainly talk to an attorney. do u have malpractice insurance? contact your ins agency if os and talke to a lawyer AND i would contact your BON re: lateral violence issues. in fact this a jacho issue now i believe. after that i would get outta that ER and dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!
    take your six months and transfer or seek greener pastures.
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    Lawyer up!! and talk to the DONs boss. wright down everything. I went to my manager about someone diverting a medication. I think all they did was tell the person that I told on them. So now a few people don't like me much. You are not alone there are D bags all over. Don't put up with the BS I would ask why your charts are being audited and what this has to do with anything. Go up the chain everyone has a boss.
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    I know this is an old thread but I am curious to know what the outcome was--OP, you out there and able to update us?

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