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New RN, just grad in May. Been in a long and grueling hospital orientation, working my butt off. Word is they're generally 10 weeks long, and I'm in my 9th week. I feel I'm ready to fly on my own.... Read More

  1. by   samadams8
    This is just so typical anymore. It sucks how they just won't implement objective systems with weekly evaluations. An orientee should NEVER go a week or two w/o objective evaluation and feedback. You should not have to guess where you are, and you should not be hit cold on the plan for you in the process.

    This kind of cr@p seriously annoys me.

    It's OK that you are getting more orientation time.

    What's wrong is that you have not been made aware of your progress in the most objective and constructive manner. This requires the use of objective metrics that are documented and reviewed consistently on at least a biweekly basis, and it includes you knowing what the plan for the next week or weeks is--specifically--in objective detail. Does your area employ a nurse educator?

    Sound prognostic indicators are desperately needed in nursing--especially for those on orientation/precepting.

    Huge pet peeve of mine.

    WEEKLY evals should mean specifics on goals and what the plan for you is within the next week! So regardless of whatever you were told in your weeklys, the process appears to leave a lot to be desired.

    Orienting people takes time and commitment. This is why I say preceptors should have some of their load cut--so they can focus fully on the preceptee.

    On top of that, objective, prognostic indicators are FAR better than subjective two-cents from preceptors. Limit the subjectivity, and the person will have a better idea of where they stand, so will everyone else, and the system is fair and constructive.

    Without limiting the subjectivity and not using objective prognostic indicators, it often becomes a he said/she said kind of deal, and the process lacks constructivity and anything really meaningful.
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    Just be greatful you have a great job! I graduated in June 2011 and must have submitted over 500 applications....only thing I got was assisted living and it is HELL! So count yourself LUCKY!!!
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    Quote from RN1Each
    However, and PLEASE believe me here...NO ONE is judging your competence by how long (or short) you are on orientation. It's merely a point of pride to be able to say "yeah, I was only on for 8 weeks", but honestly, the other floor nurses might look a little more skeptically at someone who fought so hard to get off of orientation...perhaps thinking they only did it to stroke their own ego.
    Exactly. That's almost like telling people you passed NCLEX with a perfect score.