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Cath lab RN, new grad, weird.

  1. 0 As a new grad I couldn't find work so I enlisted in the Navy (don't have my BSN yet). They put me through CVT school and I passed my RCIS exam. Technically, I'm a Corpsman but I do the job of a cath lab nurse.

    I handle all the meds, give moderate sedation, and circulate.

    My question is.....what civilian job can I get while working full time at a Navy hospital? My coworkers are all CVTs and take call at local hospitals for STEMIs. I'm looking for 2 or 3 shifts Friday night to Sunday night.

    Is there any chance I could get hired in a float pool as a floor nurse considering my only experience is as a cath lab nurse?
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    Technically you are working as a tech not a nurse in the navy. You are a nurse working as a tech but you can find civilian work to count as nursing experience or go for you BSN and try to get into an officee/RN spot in the navy
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    Sorry for the spelling. I have a toddler playing with the phone
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    Don't sell yourself short! Cath lab experience/expertise is a very valuable asset. Those positions are usually hard to fill in most hospitals & it is a recognized nursing specialty. IABP is a related specialty. You could probably also function very well in any interventional radiology setting.

    Hospital-based cath labs normally function 24X7 so they generally require a fair amount of call-back time from existing staff. They may be very open to bringing you on in a PRN slot or to provide extra coverage. Give it a shot.