Can anyone help me figure out which employment option seems best?

  1. I am new grad in NYC with a background in ophthalmology (assistant/technician) and now I am a registered nurse BSN. I have been looking for jobs and landed a few interviews recently. The first with a podiatrist office who wanted to hire me upon completing their unpaid 3-6 month internship (yeah right!) so I turned them down.

    The second interview at an ophthalmologist office in the upper east side and they loved me (not sure about the benefit packages yet, they are yet to give me the break down of what they have to offer).

    The third at an inner city hospital (Woodhull Hospital), the director enjoyed talking to me and said she will call me. They offer a full orientation.

    If I do get offers from these two places, it would be between deciding to work in a clinic (no weekends) or Woodhull Hospital (7pm-7am Night Shift).

    I am older now and looking at the big picture in term of benefits, etc.. If someone can give me any feedback, it would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  3. by   CaptScrubs13
    Well, part of that depends on your career goals.. where do you want to be down the road 5 years from now? I think the hospital job would open up more opportunities for you; go, get at least a year under your belt.. you can go anywhere from there. I think the clinic, while they may have great hours and benefits.. might be limiting you to that type of setting. If I were in your position, I'd take the hospital job and run with it, because (at least in my area) they are so scarce.
  4. by   Morainey
    I agree with the previous poster, I think the hospital would offer you more experience and open a lot of doors. However, it depends on what you want to do - if you're not interested in working nights, weekends, and holidays, I'd go for the clinic position. As far as the benefits go, it really depends on the employer.
  5. by   skyheaven477
    I agree with you. I went to the clinic interview today (ophthalmology) and even though it went well the office manager commented that my thinking is more of a registered nurse rather than an ophthalmic assistant (previous job). I take that as a sign that I belong in a hospital setting. I feel I studied so hard and learned so much in nursing school and as I go into these interviews it is becoming clearer that I should work in a hospital.
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  6. by   skyheaven477
    I am leaning towards working in the hospital setting, specially after going on these clinic interviews. I am open to working nights, weekends, holidays, etc.. I just want to put into practice all that I have learned in nursing school and give the best care to patients.
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