CA new grad thinking of relocating

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I am a new grad nurse from CA. I graduated in May and got my license in August. I started looking for a job right away but unfortunately I still don't have one up until now. I applied online and by going in to one facility to another to fill out an application and give my resume. I know it's really tough to get a job out there right now but I am starting to lose hope. I am thinking and have no problem in relocating to any state where I could get a job but I don't know what's the process. If somebody knows the process & any new grad program that would be really great! Thank you in advance!
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    You apply online from out of state just like you do in state. If you get an interview, you pay to fly out to wherever it is and interview. And you make no plans at all to move until you have an offer in writing with a defined start date, salary info etc.
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    I am a new graduate as well and I also moved from California. I live in Florida now and Florida hospital have that new graduate program.You can apply online and see how it goes.
    Try applying at home health cuz they usually accept new grads.
    Good luck!

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