Anyone from UMass Worcester FNP GEP?

  1. i just had my second interview at umass worcester for the fnp gep. i'll find out in feb if i got in (only 12 do!) i also applied to simmons, regis, and northeastern. if anyone has been through the program, would you say that umass is on par with the boston schools? i am a little nervous about moving out to worcester, but its probably the best option for me in terms of cost. the nursing directors also seemed extremely passionate about nursing and supportive of each cohort of students. any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. thanks!:wink2:
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  3. by   bitzi1
    I'm really excited that you posted on here. I just got accepted to UMass for the GEP. I'm waiting to hear back from Simmons, MGHIHP, and Northeastern. I'm also nervous about moving to Worcester; I've lived in Boston for 5 years while I finish up my undergrad, so it would be a huge change.

    I know that it doesn't answer your question, but it's nice to sympathize.

    PS: I was on the US News website, and they have Northeastern on the list before UMass and Simmons. Umass was listed as number 95, and Simmons was 125 on the list of best graduate schools for nursing. I'm not sure what Northeastern is listed as, but I remember it's a better listing than UMass, but not by much.
  4. by   Nahbois
    Yea its tough to find out how the different schools compare, I'll have to look at that website- I was accepted to UMass today actually but I'm ~85% sure I'm going to Northeastern. I've spent the last 4 years in Providence and would love to spend the next 4 in Boston! Plus I can commute from home on the commuter rail. The UMass program looks pretty intense, but the faculty seems so supportive. Thanks for the advice- good luck making your decision!
  5. by   jalin_2009
    Hi all,

    I applied to the Umass GEP for 2009. Do they have rolling admissions? Is that why you all received decisions so early? The application deadline was not until January 15th. Do you know if the class has been filled already?

    I have heard nothing from the school. I had to contact them several times to confirm that my application was complete.
  6. by   bitzi1
    I heard finally from all my schools: flat out rejected from BC and Northeastern, waitlisted at MGHIHP, and accepted to Simmons college and UMass Worcester. I decided that I'm going to UMass since it's the cheapest of the two and more well respected. I'm pretty excited that I at least am going somewhere.

    I know that these schools are doing interviews and acceptances in rounds, so if you haven't heard yet, that doesn't necessarily mean "No". Keep your head up :>)
  7. by   Nahbois
    Congratulations- UMass Worcester has a really small program so its pretty hard to get into!
  8. by   jalin_2009

    I also was accepted into the UMass Worcester program. I got the phone call notifying me that I was accepted and that a formal letter would be coming in a week. It's been about 4 weeks and still no letter. I contact admission and they said they were waiting for financial aid information to go out with the letter.

    Have you received your letter yet? I think you and I probably interviewed around the same time.
  9. by   briang30
    Congrats Bitizi. I will be attending UMass this fall as well, but for the acute care track. The only information I received about financial aid was a letter directing me to their website:, but I was accepted in December, so maybe it's a different process at this point.

    You are responsible for filling out and submitting the forms on your own if you haven't already. You might want to consider getting a head start on the forms now. If you have any questions, the people at the financial aid office are very nice and extremtely helpful
  10. by   jalin_2009

    I was also accepted into the acute care track. I am still trying to decide between MGH in Boston and Umass.

    Would you mind sharing why you choose UMass?
  11. by   briang30
    It was a few things, some of which have to do more with my situation than the school itself:

    I applied to UMass ahead of the deadline and was accepted in December. They only give you 2 weeks from your acceptance letter to accept. MGH does not send out acceptances until April. I suppose I could have paid my deposit and waited to see what would happen with MGH.

    At the time I was working and planning to work through most of the summer. I was not sure if I would have been able to complete all of my pre-reqs in time for MGH, I did not know if I would be able to place out of any. Probably could have done it if I really wanted to.

    MGH also costs almost twice as much as UMass. Big reason.

    I live in Natick, so commuting into Charlestown would have been tough. Getting to Shrewsbury and Worcester means I just drive down rt 9.

    When I met the professors at the UMass info session, they seemed to be more passionate about the school than the professors at MGH.

    UMass has a smaller class size, which I hope will translate into more attention from the instructors, which is probably extremely important in a direct entry pathway.

    Don't know if any of these reasons will help you make your decision, but that's how I made mine. Feel free to ping me with any other questions.