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  1. 0 I will be graduating with my ADN in May of this year. I am doing as much research as possible so that I will be able to fulfill my dream of moving to Southern California. I am looking at the San Diego area. Any ideas of which hospitals to apply for a job? Any advice on starting my nursing career in SoCal? What type of starting salary can I expect so that I may begin to plan living expense. I live in southern Illinois and have been planning on moving to the coast for a while now. Any info/help/advice will help me tremendously. Thanks
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    I worked with a Regional Sales Director who travelled to San Diego, he said to me that the Scripps hospital network is a good place to start applying, since I too, dream of living in SoCal. Particularly, the San Diego area. I also heard it was highly competitive for a job too. Either way, best of luck!
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