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Hey guys and gals, I am 7 weeks into orientation. I am taking the full load of patients- just started taking the entire load last week. So, today at the end of my shift at work my preceptor tells... Read More

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    Quote from itfeelsgr82savealife
    Hey guys and gals, I am 7 weeks into orientation. I am taking the full load of patients- just started taking the entire load last week.

    So, today at the end of my shift at work my preceptor tells me that he wants me to shadow him on how he does things; meaning he wants to do all of the charting and medication administration, etc...while I "observe." I'm like huh, say what now? It's been almost 2 months - and now you want me to shadow on how you do things? Personally, I think it's pointless because I've already got my routine that I like and I'm getting familiar with it. It isn't like my medications are late or that I stay way pass time at work- I'm usually out by 1915. Also, throughout my entire orientation I have been asking on what I need to work on and how I've been doing. My preceptor tells me that I am doing a great job - so basically he has no critism to say to me. By the way, I take critism very well; I don't mind it at all.

    But anyways, today - I had all of my patients and ontop of that, I had nursing students with me (which I don't usually have)- which slowed me and my charting down. Don't get me wrong I remember being a student and I didn't want to be one of those nurses that plucked them away. So, I gave the students all of the opportunity that they could get with pushing meds, hanging feedings, IVPBs etc. My student and I are completed with meds by 1815 - and my preceptor acts like my medications are late just because it's pass 1800. I completed with my charting by 1845 and gave report by 1900. And after this...he wants me to shadow him? I guess I am doing a horrible job if my 1800 meds are given 15 minutes pass 1800. I also delegated to him to do a couple of things because I was so busy and he only had 1 patient - which he always encourages me to delegate since I like doing things myself.

    I don't know - it just totally annoyed and bothered me how he did not want to give me any slack. Hello? I'm a new graduate, 7 weeks into orientation taking full patient load with nursing students - sorry, but I'm not perfect. And I brought it to his attention -I stated that it wasn't my fault - I had 2 needy patients and a slightly combative one with nursing students and I'm only 7 weeks into orientation. And he's like..."well, you got to get use to it - you're going to have nursing students and things are going to come up." However, last time I checked - all my meds were given on time and I was out of the hospital by 1915 - so why am I shadowing you again?

    He's not a bad guy but this sort of upset me a bit because I really am trying to do a great job as a nurse. And I guess I never got the memo that time management had to be mastered at the first 7 weeks of my nursing career.

    I'm not looking for sympathy - I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening! :-)

    You have been a nurse less than 2 months.
    What you know now is an is a tiny drop in the bucket of what you need to know.
    An experienced nurse has offered to let yo shadow him, which is a great opportunity.
    The correct response is "thank you".

    Do yourself a favor: Print your post and save it. Read it in 5 years.
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    I promise to everyone who thinks I'm complaining that I am not. I simply made this post just to express how I was feeling atm due to lack of provided information from my preceptor as to why I was shadowing...that's it. I'm sure most if not all people have been annoyed and frustrated once upon a time. However, I do thank all for your input.