1st year just completed!

  1. Ok so I have just completed my first year as a RN. (LPN 12 yr). I have been working a prn job at a small rural hospital where I have been thrown into charge nurse position, working with LPNs mostly we have been having aprox. 7-10 pts.We have computerized charting and e-mars nothing is on paper but on weekends the pharmacist is off site and I have noticed that the off site pharmacist is very slow to enter new orders, we will have a nurse assistant when we have 8-10 pts usually. never a ward clerk, so I have to do the clerk duties also.
    Now here is my question my last shift worked we had 11 pts, I got all orders entered by 11 am after Hospitalist completed rounds around 9:30, all med orders were faxed to off site pharmacist and I printed blank mars and wrote out all new medication orders on the blank mar just incase the off site pharm. didn't get orders entered on the emar in a timely manner so that the LPNs I was working with could get their one time orders and new medications given in a timely manner and I told the LPNs I had done this for them and why. but the LPNs I was working with didn't look at the charts. One of them commented that they are finding new orders on their mars at 5 pm, I told this nurse this was why I made her a paper mar for the new orders. Obviously this nurse didn't give any of the new ordered meds from the am. the other had not looked at her chart nor had she charted on any of her pts that day when I left at 1930.
    So as Charge Nurse how responsible/liable am I for these nurses, not looking at their charts and carrying out orders written in the am? How can I diplomatically get them to check their charts? carry out new medication orders... etc.....

    just not understanding why they are not doing this because when I worked as an LPN I would check my charts through out the day for new orders, and I would give the new ordered meds at an appropriate time even if the pharmacist had not gotten the orders in the computer.

    Thank you for any help
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