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I don't want to give up but I just took my second test..1st test H&S failed..and failed today Transition too. I paid for the practice test & study from studygroup101. I'm not sure what I'm doing... Read More

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    Don't feel bad, you can do it. Same thing happened to me. I just re took both and passed. I used SG101 along with the books excelsior requires and the practice test. Transition was difficult for me. Be sure to be familiar with the different theorist, management styles, ethical theories, license endorsement, sunset laws, civil/statutory laws, accountability, nurse practice act, superior respondent, expert witness. Keep pushing and good luck!
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    I took h&s first and passed it but I took transitions next and failed it. Then I turned around and took Chronicity and failed that one too. I feel like a failure also. I haven't tested since then and that was summer of 2012. I am back at it and I am ready to test for reproductive health. I have been studying so hard for this one so I hope I pass it. My confidence is way low due to failing those other two.

    That is great advice Natnat122 and LunaRN!!! I also use my Saunders NCLEX-RN for additional help and studying....it is helping to understand all the congenital disorders for repro. I am definately saving transitions for last because that has always been my weak point. I think once you use the content guide sondon you will do great on the exams and invest in the nclex book. It is a great book. It also comes with a CD that has practice questions on it. Good Luck!!
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    I failed 2 of the test also when using just SG101 notes and the practice exams. Downloaded the study guides and bought the recommended books from Amazon-usually a edition or two older to save money. Passed them all and went on to pass CPNE and NCLEX now an RN!! Don't give up, take a different approach and you will be an RN before you know it-Good Luck!!
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