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I have health safety to redo and then I can do the FCCA. Thank god, I've been doing this for 3 years , and it wasn't easy. Anyways I was wondering what was instore front me. What is the CPNE like.... Read More

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    Quote from tnmarie
    @ BerryHappy Thanks for your response. I took my CPNE in Utica in February. My boyfriend and I drove from Tennessee to New York and we had a wreck the day before I took the test. I felt well prepared and we were already an hour outside of Utica when we were rear-ended, so I went on and took the test. I didn't pass. Unfortunately I could not get a retest date in Utica so I will be taking it the second time around in Albany on April 19th. I will be flying in, the hotel is literally attached to the hospital, and the hotel offers a shuttle so I will be doing NO driving.

    I frankly was not sure how to approach it the second time around. I felt very well prepared the first time: I took Sheri Taylor's online workshop and submitted care plans to her weekly, set up a sim lab in my living room and practiced with my mom as the CE, did all of the PCSs from the school and submitted them, did grid drills, read the study guide cover to cover five times and much more to prepare. I studied for over 3 months for several hours a day. I started a thread here asking for advice for how to approach it the second time, but I had already done all of those recommendations the first time around.

    I only failed one lab the first time around (wound) but then I failed both PCSs on Saturday and they were both counted as adult, so it was bye-bye birdie. PCS 1 I failed for listening to lung sounds through a thin sports bra and PCS 2 I failed because I thought the pt said she had a pain scale of 1 but she said 4.

    I decided to take an Ec hiatus for the rest of February (not much choice since I had to drive to NY AGAIN to pick up the BFs car). I just started studying again in March. The school will not let me submit additional PCSs so I paid to take the care plan workshop through Ec this time around to get some "supervised" reviewing in. I'm doing grid drills and practicing labs a couple of times a week while finishing my Math and studying for the NCLEX. I'm hoping I can find the motivation to read the study guide one more time before I return, but since I studied so hard the first time around, it is hard to motivate myself to do so. Your post definitely helps though!

    I know what you mean about the money. I will have spent over $10,000 on just taking the CPNE. Like you, I try to see it as an investment. Pass or fail this time, I am a better nurse for taking the Ec program.

    BTW, I'm kind of partial to "The Second Timer's Club" myself XD. Picking myself up after failing the CPNE the first time was one of the hardest things I've ever done so I'm certainly not ashamed of this membership.

    To everyone: I do not recommend driving. I know flying is a pain, but driving is worse. It is much less safe, not to mention that it is very hard to drive home while bawling your eyes out if you fail. Thank goodness my BF was there to take up the slack!
    I am also testing in Albany April 19, it is my first time though... Good luck to you!!
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    Thanks. Right back at you! You feel ready yet? I've heard it was a really good site to have. I dread coming to NY again WAY more than I dread the exam. I don't know if the CAs and CEs will be the same, but the ones I had in Utica were great. If you have practiced your butt off using the study guide and you listen to your CEs, it's actually a pretty easy test, IMO. Grids really are the life-saver that they say as well.
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    I wouldn't say I feel ready yet, but I am practicing my care plans and grids and mnemonics as much as I can, I think if I can keep up my studies I will be ready though!! I've ran through the labs a couple times but they are not my main focus yet, I want to feel more comfortable with the rest first.
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    I did not expect that The Exelsior college likes to bully and discriminate their students by giving those CPNE exam and not giving them a chance to remediate or retest on their mistakes after the 2d fail. That's so unfair!
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    Quote from Toyota LPN
    I did not expect that The Exelsior college likes to bully and discriminate their students by giving those CPNE exam and not giving them a chance to remediate or retest on their mistakes after the 2d fail. That's so unfair!
    There is an appeals process outlined in your study guide if you feel that something was unfair. Did you test recently?
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    so you can only take CPNE twice? Just asking .............
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    Quote from Mandylpn
    so you can only take CPNE twice? Just asking .............
    No, you can take it 3 times. But you have two attempts to pass each element within each CPNE test as a whole.

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