What does the CPNE consist of????

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Some questions....anyone that has completed the CPNE...what does it consist of? How many people are testing you? How difficult is it? How many procedures do you have to successfully complete? I am planning on taking a workshop...I believe the one that I was looking into was in Pennsylvania...anyone know of that one...sorry I forgot the name of the workshop.

    Also does anyone know what is a better site to test in...in the New York area...I was thinking of either Albany or Utica...anyone like one over the other...any input would be greatly appreciated....THANK YOU!!!!!!
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  4. by   Pixie.RN
    I wrote a description a while ago ... ISU VS. Excelsior

    How far along are you in the program?
  5. by   NvRGvUp
    Thank you LunahRN...I am almost done...I have LS3 and the Clinical online class (what I was told by Excelsior) and the actual CPNE. I have read some discussions from you. I read that you went to the workshop in PA...which one was it? Where did you test? I am nervous...but I am sure everyone is....I have been an LPN for several years and also went to a traditional RN school....so most of my nursing credits from the other school were transferred to Excelsior (I know I am blessed...because as my advisor told me...that is unheard of) I only had to take Transitions and LS3 for classes. Do you have any idea where it is better to test...either Utica or Albany? Any infor would be helpful...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    I tested in Mansfield, OH in 2008. The workshop that I went to in Pennsylvania is no longer offering workshops after next month, unfortunately. Yes, it is pretty much unheard of to get that much credit for nursing courses -- you are the first person I've ever heard of getting so much credit! That is spectacular. And sorry, I don't know much about the NY sites. I do know, however, that it is less about the site and more about the student's preparation.