Transition to Registered Professional Nurse Role Exam

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Nothing like waiting till the last day for feedback. Taking the Transitions exam tomorrow. I scored 72% on Practice Exam A and 61% on Practice Exam B. Going over, and over, each question's rational to its answer.

    So with my scores, and one day left, anything you recommend cramming?

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  3. by   RRTtoRN2013
    Good Luck... You can achieve it!
  4. by   frankie,RN
    Good luck on your test. I would definitely review your practice exams again. Sometimes the questions are on the exam, reworded tho. Know different theorists and what they believed.
  5. by   Peterjoy93
    Good Luck! I didn't like this exam.
  6. by   PaParamedic
    Passed, nothing to brag about, other than Passing.

  7. by   Peterjoy93
    Congrats! Passing is all that matters. Now on to the next one. Don't wait!
  8. by   frankie,RN
  9. by   lar1265
    Congrads for the pass i'm currently studying for this exam now,
  10. by   OnlineSNA
    Anyone taken the transition role recently? what % correct in content area you have to make ? I took the exam , it's say I got 'c'. Didn't get 70% on some of my % content. Should i be worried , was happy for couple of hours, now I'm sad.anyone experienced this before,
  11. by   Kiamoo21
    I took it today. I got a c and agree nothing to brag about but a "c" is passing right? It was tough. Very dry. I mentioned in another post that I used the practice exams for the first time and don't think I would have got a C without it....
  12. by   natnat122
    Eh.. I passed.. got a C too.. blagh

    But you got higher scores on the practice exams then I did which means you should be fine! Or so I hear.. lol.. Let us know how u did!
  13. by   Thibodeauxtrisha
    Great job!
  14. by   Mandylpn
    agree with the previous poster, definitely purchase and take the practice exams, they really help!